About CoPiP

In the 20th century philosophy took up the mantle of a discipline, embracing academic specialization; philosophy was written-by-and-for-professional philosophers. In the current age of accountability this disciplinary approach to philosophy faces a number of challenges. Philosophers, like others across the academy, are being asked to justify their relevance to society—relevance that can perhaps be best demonstrated by philosophers working across and beyond the disciplines.

Community Of Practice In Philosophy seeks to attract philosophers who are developing new often inter-disciplinary models for philosophic engagement, and to foster a community of practice among philosophers who are developing new approaches to engage philosophy. It has to be added that Philosophical Practice proves itself in not only individual counseling but also since years supports companies, organizations, and associations in their attempts to find solid convictions and orientating guidelines. The key objectives of the community is to understand the specific characteristics of philosophy and its role in relation to the world of business and organizations.

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